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GVTCs mission is, “to see a paradigm shift from family based child care to community based child care”.


GVTCs vision is, “to see a paradigm shift from family based child care to community based child care”.


To assist children in rural communities through improving the lives of families by supporting self-sustaining economic projects, offering support to child education, health care, introducing cultural preservation projects, and offer emergency relief.

GVCT Key Objectives

  1. To promote awareness and all its forms in every sector of the Zimbabwean society.
  2.  To establish, encourage and support humanitarian activities which help improve the welfare of families in accordance with the principles of Global Village Charitable Trust and whether under the direct management and control of Global Village Charitable Trust or in conjunction with other bodies having like or similar objects.
  3. To establish and/or support any other such body, and to make donations for any humanitarian purpose falling within the objects, and to collect donations and subscriptions (whether periodical or otherwise).
  4. To raise funds by appealing for and inviting contributions from any person by way of donation, covenant, grant, loan, legacy or subscription provided that in raising funds the organization shall not undertake any substantial permanent trading activities and shall conform to any relevant requirements of the law.
  5. To purchase, lease or hire or otherwise howsoever to acquire any property or equipment whether real or personal.
  6. To invest any funds which are not immediately required for the Trust’s activities in such investments as may be considered appropriate (and to dispose of, and vary, such investments).
  7. To liaise with other voluntary sector bodies, local authorities, government departments and agencies and other bodies, all with a view to furthering the Objects.

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Since its formation, GVTC has paid school fees for 100 children at Parirehwa Primary and Secondary school, conducted 8 cleaning campaigns in Domboshawa. It has also supplied and funded 60 Households 10 varieties of garden seeds; GVCT facilitated the training of 90 family representatives in the formation of Internal Saving and Lending (localized financial systems), record keeping, and soap making and sewing.