GVCT Founder

Mr Dennis Mudzinganyama

Dennis Mudzinganyama (Mr) is the founding director of the Global Village Charitable Trust (GVCT). GVCT is registered as a Trust MA00001033/2019 in line with the laws of Zimbabwe and has been in existence since May 2018. GVCT is an organisation which aims to improve the welfare of children and youth from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds so that they enjoy rights and privileges enjoyed by counterparts in average income homes. This is achieved through educational support and skills training for children and youth as well as the empowerment of families as a holistic approach. Dennis established GVCT with focus on children in underserved rural communities starting with his rural home, Domboshawa. GVCT aims to upgrade and reach beyond Domboshawa.

Dennis was inspired by the childhood difficulties he experienced having lost both parents at the age of 9 years when he was in grade 4. Dennis was taken in by his maternal grandparents together with his 2 younger siblings. Among the three of them, one had medical complications which required constant medical attention. It was not easy for grandparents who found it difficult to make ends meet as they were of an advanced age. They could not afford adequate food, medical services or pay education fees. When Dennis completed his grade 7 studies, he could not enroll for secondary school because the grandparents were incapacitated such that he sought employment as a domestic worker at the age of 13 years. Due to lack of psychological support, at the age of 14 years, he poisoned himself with the aim to commit suicide. He was taken to hospital and through assessments by the Department of Social Welfare; Dennis was seconded to St Josephs House for Boys in Belvedere and later to Ponesai Vanhu Children’s Home where he completed his secondary school studies. His sister was placed at Mashambanzou where she could get medical attention constantly. Such family breakdown was also a factor that affected Dennis leading him to seek solace in strengthening his faith and working to bring the family back together. He later enrolled at Ponesai Vanhu Technical College and trained in Accounts through funding from well-wishers, helping him to develop a strong will to assist other people in difficult circumstances without judging them. He graduated and was employed by a Non-Governmental Development Organisation. He then managed to go back and stay in his rural home and realised the same social-ills which affected him as a child were still prevalent thus strengthening the urge to assist his community. Looking at the available options, Dennis considered children, youth and their families as the best option and thus trained in clinical and pastoral counseling and currently organises support groups for children and youth infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. Dennis also advocates against child labor and child marriage which are common in Domboshawa through the support groups. Using his earnings, Dennis started paying school fees for selected Primary and Secondary School Children. The Establishment of GVTC has helped to widen his scope to include skills training for some youth. GVCT is an organisation which highly depends on well wishers and acknowledges effort from supporting individuals and organisations.

Dennis is a holder of Diploma in Business Studies, Diploma in Clinical Counselling, a Diploma in Transformational Church leadership and is currently with Zimbabwe Open University studying towards a Bachelors of Arts in Religious Studies and Theology Degree.